Happy Birthday Old Man

I love that my husband turns another year older ahead of me. It makes me feel just a bit younger. This month is not only his birthday, but our five year marker in the Army! How time has flown by the past five years. We are also coming up on our five year wedding anniversary. I thought it appropriate to do a little reflecting on what it has been like to be married to you my dear for your birthday.

Being married to Mr. Maley

If I could describe Neil in just a few words it would be serious, brilliant, a man of character, loyal, and most recently the best dad ever. I have learned so much being married to this man.

Neil has shown me a side of the Lord that I never knew before. He has loved me unconditionally the past five years during times that I really did not deserve it. Through his steadfast love I have gotten a glimpse of how God loves me.

I have learned how to let things go and get along with people better being married to Neil. My husband gets along with everyone. I can’t think of a person who does not like Neil. Not only does he get along with people, he looks for the best in everyone. I have watched him graciously deal with people at work, situations with friends, and handling his strong willed wife. His character in spite of any situation is one of the many things that I love about him.

He has taught me to critically think more than processing life through emotions. That has been a feat within itself. I cannot count how many times, to my chagrin, he has destroyed my argument sending me back to do more research. Although frustrating at times, I love being married to an analyst.

I love being married to Neil and I always knew he was going to be a great dad, but I had no idea he would be an out-of-this-world father. His love for Caleb melts my heart and makes me fall in love with him more and more. He is a hands on dad who is always changing diapers, folding diapers, feeding the babe, taking care of him so I can sleep in or getting up with us at night to help.

I searched my phone to find the best pictures to show just how much Caleb and Neil love each other and I was not disappointed. I also found a few gems that I’m sure Neil will appreciate.


Learning to stand up.

IMG_1839 A lot of teaching goes on around here.IMG_0111

  Neil asleep on the job.IMG_0148More teaching.

IMG_0569Diaper changes on our many travels.

IMG_0557Paint the Town with my boys.

IMG_0493Another lazy morning.

IMG_0442One of my favorites of the charades that go on around here.


IMG_0350Asleep on the job again.


These two love wrestling.

IMG_0913Getting some Vitamin D.


 Teaching Caleb to crawl.

IMG_1188 IMG_1187

Perks of being a dad.


My guys at the farm.IMG_1046How I make dinner.   IMG_0649

Playing with dad.


Teaching him young.


  There is a pattern here.


 Always helping take care of the babe.

IMG_0900The things we do for a laugh around here.

IMG_1822This is one of Caleb’s favorite things.


First Thanksgiving


 Morning play time before dad heads off to work.


Looks like someone is getting in trouble.

IMG_1519Best Dad Ever.

IMG_1430Happy Birthday babe! We love you and are so thankful to call you ours!


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