I’m doing it again: Bye Bye Shampoo

About three years ago while we were stationed in Korea, I gave up shampoo and conditioner. I read online about several women who decided to try alternatives and had great success with it. I am always up for trying a more natural alternative at least once. I mean, what do I have to lose? For me, the alternative needs meet several criteria: 1. Be simple to make 2. Be cost effective 3. Contain ingredients that I can pronounce.

We have been on this journey to live healthier since we got married almost five years ago. Slowly we have gone from eating junk food, using over-the-counter hygiene items, and using all the normal cleaning supplies, to making most of our food from scratch, buying organic whenever possible, making a lot of our hygiene products, and trading most of our cleaning supplies for natural cleaning solutions. It did not happen overnight and we strive to create a balance in each of these areas. I was surprised at how easy and cost effective it is to make hygiene products. I can whip up many products like deodorant or lotion in minutes for pennies.

I have replaced my deodorant, face lotion, body wash, face wash, shaving cream, face powder, and toothpaste with a natural alternative. I tried making mascara with no luck and still use contact solution as that is something that I am okay with using store bought. I wanted to replace my hair care products, but have not found truly organic or natural replacements. Products that claim to be ‘natural’ still have a bunch of ingredients.

When I was learning about hair care back in Korea, I found that shampoo strips our hair of it’s natural oils and therefore works overtime to replenish those oils. That is why my hair would be so oily the next day. Shampoo companies claim that they make your hair healthier, but I have honestly never thought my hair became healthier/shiner/stronger using it. I decided to give shampoo-free a try to see what happened. I did it for several weeks using a baking soda mixture followed by a vinegar or lemon juice rinse.

I will be honest. I didn’t love it. My hair did stop producing a ton of oil though. I did not keep it up and went back to good old shampoo and conditioner. Fast forward several years…

We continued to try to replace commonly used products in our household. A good friend from Colorado started selling her homemade hygiene products which included a shampoo bar. She had great success with it and I thought it was worth another try! I liked the idea of using a bar of soap  vs. the baking soda that I tried.

Today was my first day giving it another go around. Your hair normally goes through an adjustment phase that can last 2-3 weeks, so I thought I should get it started before we go home for Christmas. My hair did pretty well today and since I have done it before I know what to expect. My hair is a little greasier until the oil levels adjust. I also have a lot of breakage going on from being a mommy, so I am excited to see what happens with that.

Instead of rinsing with vinegar this time, I made a rosemary and lemon juice rinse. I already had some rosemary, so I boiled it in filtered water. I strained it and added around 3 tablespoons of organic lemon juice. I washed my hair like normal with the shampoo bar then pour about 1/4-1/2 cup of the rosemary rinse on my hair leaving it in. It meets criteria 1 and 3, but I won’t know about cost effectiveness until I use it more. The shampoo bar will last a long time, so it depends on the rosemary rinse.

I was very surprised when I got out of the shower and combed out my hair. I thought for sure it would be a knotted mess and it was not at all.

So, that is my latest hygiene adventure. I will post updates for those who are curious or who have thought about trying something like this! If it doesn’t work out I may try the shampoo bar and conditioner to see how that works. Anyone interested in a shampoo bar or other quality hygiene products from my wonderful friend, Vanessa, check out her page here.


Here I am with the babe before I started my shampoo-free adventure. He is just the cutest!





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