Deployment, Motherhood, and 3 Months

IMG_7966-001 Well hello blogging world. I have come out of my mommy cave and joined the rest of the world again…well still in the process of:) Where did the last three months go? How is it possible that our sweet baby boy is a quarter of a year old? I am a little behind, so let’s catch up!


We are almost through this deployment. I cannot believe Neil has been gone almost a year. So much has changed in the last year and we are grateful Caleb will only be just over four months when Neil comes home.

At times, this deployment has been hard- real hard. There have been nights when my eyes were so red from crying all day. There have been days when I thought I wouldn’t make it. But God has been faithful and he has used people to be his hands and feet during this time. I don’t know what I would have done without the support of my friends and family.

IMG_8020-001My goal now is to finish strong. I have viewed this deployment as a 400M race from my track days in high school. We just came around the last corner and it is a 100M sprint to the finish. I don’t know what the next month and a half holds, but I’m ready to give it all I have to finish well.


I mean look at that face! It is a true joy to be Caleb’s mother. He is one of the best gifts I have ever received. Watching him grow, develop, and learn his capabilities is amazing. He changes every day and I absolutely love how I know everything about him.

IMG_7999-001He has become so alert and interactive. We babble back in forth with each other all the time now. I love his gummy smile after nap time when I go in to get him.

IMG_8000-001He loves watching Marley. They are already the best of friends.

IMG_7992-001He loves to stand and just recently started lifting his head during tummy time. He is not really into tummy time. He would much rather stand up.


Not too long ago, he found his hands. Sometimes I can hear him in the nursery sucking away at them. He has found his thumb, but so far he is into putting as much of his hand in his mouth as possible.

IMG_7967-001He loves watching the phone. Every time he is doing something cute I try to video it for Neil and as soon as he sees the phone he stops. I am so thankful for technology. It has been such a blessing for Neil to be able to see Caleb almost everyday. Caleb smiled for the first time a while ago during Facetime with Neil.

IMG_8023-001A boy and his dog.

IMG_8024-001Just had to add this one in. He had reached his floor time limit. You are welcome, son.

And that is what we have been up to. Figuring this motherhood thing out and passing the time until the commander in chief of the house comes home.


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