To My Baby’s Momma

This is a special Mother’s Day this year as my amazing wife FINALLY gets to be celebrated for being a mom! With the birth of Caleb on 12FEB, the opportunity for Whit to shine as a mom became a reality. The last three months are a privilege to be a privy to; and I cannot think of a better woman to be raising my son. I am extremely grateful that she has taken the responsibility with the typical 100% “get after it” attitude she exhibits.

First off, as I am sure the vast majority of readers will agree, raising a child well is not a simple task. This is compounded exponentially through what is essentially a single-mother atmosphere. Whit handles all of the baby rearing right now, and excels at the job. She championed through the entire pregnancy and the first months of Caleb’s life solo, which is an impressive feat.

There are very few people who I would trust the rearing of my child and Whitney is my first draft pick. She is all about ensuring the best for Caleb, and I see it paying dividends in how he follows his sleep schedule, is sleeping through the night, feeds well, and is alert and interactive during wake times. It astounds me how well she can handle him. Although I hate being apart from those two, I rest easy at night knowing that Whit is the one with Caleb.

So what achievements of motherhood stick out the most to me from watching my wife?
• How Whit devotes herself fully to Caleb. She is always there for him, she ensures he is clean, fed, and has the opportunity to sleep. That kid cannot be loved on any more than she is already doing
• The way she has changed her diet to best support Caleb. This is huge for Whitney, as she is temporarily giving up dairy while his body develops. He does not do well when she eats dairy, and that is her favorite “food group”
• Seeing Caleb respond to her is amazing. His absolute trust and love in her is the coolest thing to watch.
• Whit does not overreact when it comes to him. She has the tactical patience to watch and see what the real issue is for Caleb, not just responding to a random cry from him.
• She is incredibly patient with the kiddo. No matter if he is not sleeping well, crying inconsolably, or talking instead of eating; she works with him and does not take her frustrations out in a way which would not help him improve
• The way Whit knows Caleb so well is another aspect I love. It blows my mind how she knows what is best for him.

Whitney is a lady deserving to be a mother. I am so thankful that God has blessed us with Caleb, and I cannot wait to see how Whitney interacts with him and our future kids in the future!
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the two together:

Welcoming Caleb to the family.

photo(39)Just resting together.

photo(56)Just excited to see mom!

photo(57)My two favorite people.





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